Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween 2011

Just wow!

I was blown away by these costumes last night...truly Sweet & Simple.

My friends, Tim & Jenn, came to our little Halloween gathering last night dressed as Sweet & Simple cookies. Their 12 year-old twin daughters not only suggested the costumes but made them by hand, including the oversize side saddle "ribbons" - my original ribbon for Sweet & Simple cookie packages. For the ribbon, they dyed paper and stitched it with yarn. The labels were made from construction paper.  Dry cleaning bags were the "cello" wrap. They both wore adorable headbands with daisies on top. I just love a tough guy in a daisy headband! Hilarious.

Tim & Jenn left the labels for me to keep and you can see them below. I will treasure them.

This is my favorite label. EVER. Hee hee.

They renamed my Molasses Ginger Cookies. 

Cookies baked with love and labels made with love.

AND they copied the full nutrition label. Just too good.

Happy Halloween from Sweet & Simple! 
My costume cannot compare, but I was a pirate gal. As you can see!