Monday, May 28, 2012

Connecticut, Memorial Day 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

So far, this has been a weekend of BBQs, American muscle cars and my mother-in-law’s beautiful garden. Let me summarize the Memorial Day weekend menu so far: hamburgers, baked beans, bbq chicken, cole slaw, hot dogs, hamburgers, hot dogs. Got all that?

Yesterday, we went to the 18th Annual Memorial Day Weekend Car Show at Quinnipiac University. We've been going since we were dating and it's still a treat! Then we spent the afternoon with family, including my husband's 90 year old cousin who served our country in the Pacific during WWII. 

American muscle cars. What's not to love?
By the way, that's not someone's sweet granny under that car, though I did do a double take!

Oh and on the way home we saw a wedding carriage with two sweet horses, Shadow and Flash, waiting outside at our neighborhood church to carry off newlyweds after their vows. 

*sniff sniff 

And what a beautiful day to get hitched (note the sign from the back of the carriage, so sweet). 

My mother-in-law's garden inspired me to do a little (emphasis on little) weeding in the yard and I had another flash of guilt over how little time I’ve spent in my garden the last couple of years. The nice thing about gardens is that they are forgiving. Overgrown, yes, but forgiving. So, I called it a day and had a nice glass of wine. I love holiday weekends!

Strawberries and some snaps from my mother-in-law's garden...
peony, strawberry plants and a honeysuckle about to pop!

I'm looking forward to seeing friends today, more BBQ and another day off... but today is truly about appreciation for those who sacrificed everything for our freedoms. God bless those who gave their lives, those who serve and God Bless America. 

Enjoy your Memorial Day, friends!