Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gingham Apron Giveaway!

via Michelle on Pinterest

I love and collect aprons: some are new, some are vintage (from flea markets, antique stores) and most my mom makes for me for holidays and birthdays - and they’re my favorites (of course). I'm wearing one of her aprons in this picture. Isn't it pretty? I really DO wear them at home when I bake or cook, not just for pictures for work. They keep my clothes clean (practical) and they are, well, FUN!
In this picture (right), I'm wearing an apron from Anthropologie one my very favorite stores ever for aprons and housewares. And, they carry some of the prettiest sundresses I've ever seen.

3 more aprons from my mom. She’s a keeper. I know!
Recently I started using Pinterest and found these oh-so-pretty aprons from Stitch thru Time (below, left). These folks aren’t on Facebook or Twitter yet, but I hope you will give their site a look.

I'm a big fan of gingham and have used it in one form or another for Sweet & Simple since day one. My original "test" packages had ric-rac and gingham bows. And so I thought one of these red gingham aprons would be a perfect pop of color for an upcoming photo session for Sweet & Simple. And then I thought why not share a little apron love?

I really like this company's aprons for the obvious vintage look/feel, the number of styles and the size options. Most aprons are one-size-fits-all. Although aprons aren't really fitted, it's nice to wear one gently sized. And the matching mother-daughter aprons are too much - some of the best I've seen.

The giveaway is simple:

Please leave a comment in the comments section of this post telling me if you wear an apron when you bake/cook, if you collect them, give them as gifts and/or what you love about aprons and what color (yellow, blue or red) gingham apron you would choose for yourself.

Next Sunday, February 12th I will select a random winner using and notify the winner in the comments section.

Once I have confirmed your mailing address by e-mail (for your own privacy, please do NOT post it online on my blog), Sweet & Simple will order and send you one (1) 1940 Retro Gingham Apron in yellow, red or blue from Stitch Thru Time.

Some other online aprons I like very much at the moment:

Source: via Michelle
Jessie Steele - known for beautiful, retro aprons. Well made. My Jessie Steele aprons have lasted and lasted and still look great. Love these anchor aprons (above) and the cupcake apron below? Perfect for your fav cupcake fanatic!
Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

Aimee Broussard - she's just launched her own apron line and are they adorable, or what?! So happy for her. Love the hearts and gingham - just so sweet.
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Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
And here's a fab vintage inspired apron from Etsy store Pig & Company - ruffles, a heart pocket, bows and an awesome print. What more can you ask for?

Want to make an apron? Here are some free patterns from Tip Junkie!

Thinking of collecting vintage aprons? I only buy what I will wear or give as a gift. I tend to stick to the $6 - $10 range for vintage, though you can pay much more depending on the quality, condition, etc. For me, the apron must be in wearable condition (no stains or damage) and FIT me. If it is too tiny, I set it aside for someone else to enjoy. Wash your vintage aprons by hand or on the gentle cycle of your washing machine with a mild detergent and line dry and cool iron as necessary.

Vintage aprons are wonderful to give as gifts/party favors at a cookie exchange, gingerbread decorating party, bridal shower or other event where they might be appreciated, thought I do tend to give vintage inspired NEW aprons because one gal's "vintage" is another gal's "used."

Thanks for looking and I sure hope you enter the giveaway by commenting below.