Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays

Thank you to our customers and vendors for all your support in 2012. Thank you to our friends on social media for making the online baking community so special. Thank you to everyone working on our new bake shop. We are grateful for each and every one of you and we couldn't do it without you, that's for sure.

We look forward to opening the retail store in early 2013. The last two months have been a blur trying to work on the bakery at 75 Hillside (Fairfield, CT) and keeping the wholesale and online orders filled in Milford. Every person we spoke to said it would take longer than we expected to finish the build out - they were right. Lesson learned? It's worth waiting to get the job done right.

To the families still struggling with the aftermath of Sandy and the families in Newtown, we are especially thinking of you and sending love.

Wishing you peace and happy baking in the New Year.